Vehicle Use


Employees and other authorized drivers driving vehicles on official University business should be aware of the various vehicle use rules when using a University owned vehicle, a rented or leased vehicle, and a personally owned vehicle. 

You must be an authorized driver to drive university owned vehicles or to drive your personal vehicle on official University business.  Please contact the OSU Motor Pool for information on becoming an authorized driver. The following resources are intended to assist University employees and authorized drivers understand more about vehicle use for official University business and how insurance applies for the different modes of ground travel. 


University-Owned Vehicles

Oregon State University provides property damage and liability insurance for vehicles titled to Oregon State University, including department-owned and Motor Pool vehicles for employees and authorized drivers when on official University business.

Please contact Risk Services at (541) 737-7350 for Auto Insurance Cards and/or Accident Report Packets or you may print the documents to place into the Accident Report Packet (ONID required) envelope, which should be kept in the glove box of all University-owned vehicles.

Rental Vehicles

When using the State of Oregon Vehicle Rental Contract with Enterprise Rent-a-Car and National Car Rental for rental cars, the collision damage waiver and liability insurance supplement are included.  When renting outside of this Contract, employees and authorized drivers must purchase the collision damage waiver and liability insurance.

Personally Owned Vehicles

Personal automobile insurance is the primary source of insurance coverage for your automobile, even when you are driving on University business. If liability damages exceed your limits, the University's automobile liability coverage may be available as excess insurance over your personal automobile insurance. If you plan on using a personally owned vehicle, consult your insurance carrier to ensure coverage applies when driving on University business.

International Ground Travel

Risk Services recommends utilizing transportation vendors (e.g. charter service, coach/bus services) when traveling internationally.  When renting a vehicle internationally, employees and authorized drivers must purchase the collision damage waiver and supplemental liability insurance. Please contact Risk Services at least two weeks in advance of the travel to discuss the risks involved and any additional insurance that should be purchased.

Still uncertain how insurance works on different modes of ground travel?

The below Insurance Matrix on Ground Transportation may help:

Insurance Matrix

For more information, contact Risk Services at (541) 737-7252.

Printable copy of the Insurance Matrix on Ground Transportation