All employees, students, and others who engage in university-related international travel are required to register their travel with the university and adhere to OSU's International Travel Policy. Please ensure that you have carefully reviewed the information available on the International Travel home page which provides an overview of international travel policies and processes, including how to register your travel, and other benefits available to university travelers.

International Travel Homepage      International Travel Policy

This page provides information about the OSU International Travel Insurance policy, our 24/7 health and safety support coverage, how to prepare for and use your insurance while traveling, and additional optional insurance products. 

International Travel Insurance

Registered travelers will be covered by OSU’s International Travel Accident & Sickness Plan (also known as international travel insurance). This plan covers $500,000 lifetime maximum per covered accident/sickness; evacuation due to security/political unrest, natural disaster, emergency medical situations; trip interruption and cancellation benefits; and 24-hour travel, safety and security assistance services. 

Register your travel to ensure coverage: You must register your travel with the university in order to be automatically enrolled in OSU's travel insurance policy.

  • OSU GO travel: Anyone traveling on study abroad or other programs organized through OSU Global Opportunities are registered as part of the enrollment process.
  • All other travel: All other travelers must register by creating a "pre-trip request" for international travel in Concur. Visit the OSU Travel & Expense Office's International Travel page for detailed information about how to register your travel via Concur.

Coverage period: OSU’s international travel insurance policy provides coverage during periods of registered university-related travel (see definition in International Travel Policy 4.6). In the event of an unanticipated deviation, the insurance policy will extend coverage for 14 days before and after the originally registered travel dates.


  • Employees and volunteers on university-related international travel will have the cost of coverage paid for centrally by OSU. 
  • Student travelers (not on an OSU GO program) will be charged $2.10 per day and need to provide an index as a funding source.
  • Student travelers (on an OSU GO program) will have insurance costs included in their overall program costs.
  • Qualifying dependents may be covered by the University’s travel insurance policy for $2.10 per dependent, per day. The cost of dependent travel insurance will be billed to the traveler by OSU.

Exclusions: The travel insurance is subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions. Based on the location of travel and specific exclusions, some travelers may be precluded from coverage or have limited coverage. Exclusions may apply to travelers who are a national of the country to which they are traveling, to travelers visiting sanctioned countries where laws or regulations prohibit the insurance company from providing insurance and paying claims, to travelers seeking routine medical care, and other situations. See policy for full list of exclusions.

Information on OSU's International Travel Insurance can be found in the policy brochure:

Current year policy     Previous year policy


International SOS (ISOS)

Travelers also have access to International SOS (ISOS), a global network available 24/7 to support you before and during international travel. Travelers will work with ISOS to access their International Travel Insurance benefits. 

ISOS can help you prepare before departure with information about potential risks at your destination, and can provide local updates while you travel. ISOS has a global network of 26 Assistance Centers, with more than 11,000 professionals in over 1000 locations in 90 countries. International SOS doctors, security experts and assistance coordinators are available 24/7 to provide advice in your language - and to support you in case of emergency - no matter where you are in the world.

ISOS assistance includes:

Activating Coverage

To ensure proper coverage, ISOS must receive your detailed travel itinerary. This helps prevent travelers from paying out-of-pocket and enables ISOS to properly bill OSU's International Travel Insurance when applicable.

If you book your international airfare using OSU's Travel Agency CTP or the Concur Online Booking Tool, your itinerary will be automatically forwarded to ISOS.

If you book your international airfare yourself by any means other than CTP or Concur, you must forward your itinerary to ISOS yourself.

Forwarding your own itinerary

You must forward the itinerary from your [email protected] email account. If the itinerary was originally sent to a personal email address, forward it to your OSU email account first. Do not change or modify the original itinerary email content. Forward the itinerary from your account to [email protected].

  • If you receive multiple itineraries for different legs of the same trip, please forward all of them.
  • You can only forward flight, hotel, and car rental itineraries.
  • If you revise or change your itineraries, please forward the latest version.

If you are forwarding an international travel itinerary on behalf of another traveler, please note the instructions below carefully.

  • Put the traveler's email address in the TO: field.
  • Put [email protected] in the CC: field.

ISOS Assistance App

It is highly recommended that all OSU travelers download the assistance app prior to departure.

You can use the app to:

  • Set up automatic health & safety alerts for your destination(s).
  • Access pre-departure reports on medical or security risks in your destination(s).
  • Access 24/7 live support.
  • Use the check-in functionality in case of an emergency to indicate you are safe and secure.
  • Get the latest COVID-19 vaccine and visa information for your destination(s).

Download the app

ISOS Membership Card

Keep a copy of the membership card with you at all times while traveling abroad. The Membership ID for all OSU travelers is 401GDA957900.

Download membership card

How to Access Support Services 

The easiest way to access your International Travel Insurance and ISOS services is by calling ISOS through the app, using the small phone icon in the bottom right corner. 

You can also make a direct call to +1-215-942-8478. International numbers are listed on the OSU Membership card for in-country calling. You may need to provide the OSU Membership number: 401GDA957900.

If travelers contact ISOS prior to receiving services covered under the policy, the cost of the service may be directly billed to the insurance provider and the traveler may not have to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

How to File a Claim

In the event you seek medical treatment or incur other costs covered by the policy that are not billed directly through ISOS, please follow the instructions below to seek reimbursement for your claim:

Additional ISOS Resources

Member Portal: Visit the portal for OSU members to explore all the resources available through ISOS.

Digital Learning Portfolio: ISOS offers a range of videos on various topics related to travel security and health, as well as videos aimed specifically at student travelers.

Questions & Support

For support with ISOS or using your International Travel Insurance, please contact the Travel & Expense Office at [email protected].

Additional Insurance Options

Employee Insurance

University employees enrolled in PEBB employee basic life insurance have a travel benefit offered by Standard Insurance through Frontier Medex Travel Assistance.  More information regarding that coverage may be found on the Office of Human Resources website

If you are enrolled for medical insurance through the University, you may have some level of coverage for medically necessary, urgent or emergency services when traveling outside the United States.  Prior to international travel, you should contact your medical insurance provider to ask if you have medical care coverage, including what types of services, the limits of liability and any associated co-pays or deductibles, that apply when traveling internationally.  To locate your plan’s contact information, visit Group Numbers & Plan Contacts on the Office of Human Resources website.

Optional Supplemental Insurance Products

All travelers can choose to purchase supplemental or additional insurance for their international travel beyond what is provided by the university. This coverage is not required. It can be purchased outside of OSU and is paid for by the traveler. 

Additional options include: 

  1. Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) / Interrupt for Any Reason (IFAR)
  2. Student Personal Property Insurance
  3. Personal/Leisure Travel Insurance: Personal/leisure travel is not covered by employee medical or university international travel insurance policies. Travelers who choose to add personal/leisure travel beyond their university-related international travel may choose to purchase a separate policy to cover them during that time. Voluntary international travel insurance is available through the same provider as OSU’s International Travel Insurance. An overview is available on the voluntary international travel insurance flyer
Dependent Travel Insurance

Dependents can be added to OSU’s international travel insurance policy for $2.10 per dependent, per day. In order to qualify for coverage, dependents must meet the definition of found in the current OSU International Travel Brochure. The cost of dependent insurance will be billed to the traveler by OSU. 

For questions on dependent international travel insurance, please contact OSU’s Travel & Expense Office at [email protected]