Oregon State University recognizes that international study and work experiences are integral to faculty, employees and students. Such travel can pose unique risks to participants and to the University.  As such, the university has enacted a new International Travel Policy that is now in effect and will provide travelers with many benefits.  This policy requires faculty, staff, students and others traveling internationally on behalf of the university to enter their itineraries in OSU's International Travel Registry prior to departure. 

Effective on April 1, 2017, all OSU international travelers will register in one central registry found on International Programs website. Registration allows the University to assist with pre-departure risk controls to include addressing export controls, international compliance, insurance matters, and traveler health and safety concerns, as well facilitates the University’s response in the event of an emergency that involves the traveler or occurs within the country of travel.

Travelers should have the following information available prior to registering:

  • Confirmed travel dates and location(s)
  • Contact information while abroad and a local emergency contact
  • Flight information
  • Passport

*International Travel Registration*

 *this link will re-direct you to International Programs website



PRIOR to travel outside the United States, all OSU travelers should:

  1. Review the following websites for the country(ies) of travel:
  2. Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
  3. Obtain any required immunizations and required documents for the country of travel.
    • Employees are strongly encouraged to contact Occupational Health for a travel consult; these services are at no cost to employees.
  4. Complete the International Travel Registration Form above.
  5. Complete a Risk Assessment with regard to international travel. 
  6. Review the International Travel page on the Export Control and International Compliance website to determine if you have an export control issue.

Travel Insurance

The Travel Accident & Sickness Plan (also known as travel insurance) covers $250,000 lifetime medical maximum per covered accident/sickness; evacuation due to security/political unrest, natural disaster, emergency medical situations; trip interruption and cancellation benefits; and 24-hour travel, safety and security assistance services.

Complete information on the Travel Accident & Sickness Plan is available at the Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk website

The policy is available at $2.10 per person/per day (subject to a one week minimum).  Employee travel insurance is now centrally funded when coverage falls within the Travel Accident & Sickness Plan.  If a policy exclusion arises, the traveler will be informed immediately and alternatives will be offered (some of which may incur a department charge).  Students will need to provide an index as a funding source.

Individuals enrolled in the Travel Accident & Sickness Plan may be eligible to extend their coverage for leisure travel that occurs before or after their University-related travels at a cost of $2.10 per person/per day (subject to a two week minimum and $10 processing fee).

Travel Insurance Exclusions


Complete information on the Travel Accident & Sickness Plan, including exclusions, is available at the Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk website.

Additional Information for Employees

University employees enrolled in PEBB employee basic life insurance have a travel benefit offered by Standard Insurance through Frontier Medex Travel Assistance.  More information regarding that coverage may be found on the Office of Human Resources website. 

If you are enrolled for medical insurance through the University, you may have some level of coverage for medically-necessary, urgent or emergency services when traveling outside the United States.  Prior to international travel, you should contact your medical insurance provider to ask if you have medical care coverage, including what types of services, the limits of liability and any associated co-pays or deductibles, that apply when traveling internationally.  To locate your plan’s contact information, visit Group Numbers & Plan Contacts on the Office of Human Resources website.

Additional Pre-Planning Travel Information


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ACE, our foreign liability insurer, offers useful travel services including global travel alerts, trip briefs, global health warnings, and other related travel resources. OSU employees and students are encouraged to access these resources.