International study and work experiences are integral to Oregon State University’s mission. OSU is committed to the health, safety, and security of all members of its community who travel outside the United States of America. International travel can pose unique risks to participants and to the University. Employees and students traveling internationally on official university business are required to adhere to OSU’s International Travel Policy to mitigate these risks.

All applicable OSU international travelers are required to register their university travel outside of the United States in Concur, regardless of the funding source. By registering in Concur, travelers are automatically enrolled in the OSU’s insurance policy (issued by Chubb) and 24/7 travel assistance services provided by International SOS (ISOS).

Who must complete a pre-trip request in Concur: OSU faculty, staff, students, volunteers and guests are required to register their business travel such as conferences, research, professional or club activities.

Who does not need to complete a pre-trip request in Concur: students participating in a Global Opportunities (OSU GO) program are automatically enrolled in insurance and travel assistance services, or, with an affiliate provider.

To access international travel assistance, contact ISOS and they will be available to support you.

ISOS Phone Number: +1 215 942 8478

OSU Membership ID Number: 401GDA957900

Additional contact information may be found on the ISOS Membership Card


International Travel Insurance

The International Travel Accident & Sickness Plan (also known as international travel insurance) covers $500,000 lifetime maximum per covered accident/sickness; evacuation due to security/political unrest, natural disaster, emergency medical situations; trip interruption and cancellation benefits; and 24-hour travel, safety and security assistance services.

Complete information on OSU’s international travel insurance is in the current OSU International Travel Brochure.

The policy is available at $2.10 per person/per day. Employee travel insurance is centrally funded when it is university business travel and covered by OSU’s international travel insurance policy. If a policy exclusion arises, the traveler will be informed as soon as possible. Students will be responsible for their own international travel insurance costs and need to provide an index as a funding source.

OSU’s international travel insurance policy provides coverage during periods of registered university business travel. In the event of an unanticipated deviation, the insurance policy will extend coverage for 14 days before and after the originally registered travel dates.

Personal Travel Insurance (Leisure Travel)

Individuals that would like to extend their travel beyond the university business travel, may choose to purchase a separate policy that would provide coverage for their personal / leisure travel abroad. The optional leisure travel insurance is fully funded by the traveler and is purchased outside of OSU. An option for this voluntary international travel insurance can be purchased at Travel Insured International's website.  Information regarding this coverage may be found on the voluntary international travel insurance flyer.

Dependent Travel Insurance

Dependents are eligible for coverage under OSU’s international travel insurance policy. Premium costs for dependents will be the responsibility of the OSU-sponsored traveler and will be billed by OSU. The premium will be charged at $2.10 per dependent/ per day.

For questions on dependent international travel insurance, please contact OSU’s Travel & Expense office at [email protected].

The definition of Dependent can be found in the current OSU International Travel Brochure. Your dependent must meet this policy definition in order to be eligible for coverage under the policy.


Travel Insurance Exclusions


Complete information on OSU’s international travel insurance policy, including exclusions, can be viewed in the current OSU International Travel Brochure.

Optional Supplemental Insurance Products

Travelers may choose to purchase other supplemental or additional insurance for their international travel. Below are a few optional insurance products for consideration. These are not required coverages and may be purchased outside of OSU.

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) / Interrupt for Any Reason (IFAR)

Student Personal Property Insurance

Leisure Travel (insurance for personal travel while abroad)

Additional Information for Employees

University employees enrolled in PEBB employee basic life insurance have a travel benefit offered by Standard Insurance through Frontier Medex Travel Assistance.  More information regarding that coverage may be found on the Office of Human Resources website. 

If you are enrolled for medical insurance through the University, you may have some level of coverage for medically-necessary, urgent or emergency services when traveling outside the United States.  Prior to international travel, you should contact your medical insurance provider to ask if you have medical care coverage, including what types of services, the limits of liability and any associated co-pays or deductibles, that apply when traveling internationally.  To locate your plan’s contact information, visit Group Numbers & Plan Contacts on the Office of Human Resources website.


Accessing insurance and travel assistance benefits

• How do I contact International SOS?

o Call the International SOS dedicated telephone number +1-215-942-8478. The assistance center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember to reference OSU’s membership number when connecting with ISOS: 401GDA957900.

• How do I file a claim with OSU’s international travel insurance policy?

o If travelers contact ISOS prior to receiving services covered under the policy, the cost of the service will be directly billed to the insurance provider (Chubb) and the traveler will not have to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

o In the event you seek medical treatment or incur other costs covered by the policy that are not billed directly through ISOS, please follow the instructions below to seek reimbursement for your claim:

Save copies of all itemized doctors' bills and other receipts to show proof of payment.

Complete the International Travel Insurance Claim Form.

Email your completed claim form as well as copies of all itemized bills and proof of payment (receipts) to [email protected].

Additional information about ISOS, and instructions for downloading the ISOS app, can be found on the Travel & Expense website.


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