Camps and Clinics

Camps and Clinics Insurance is an accident insurance plan that provides participants with insurance coverage for Accident Medical Expense Benefits, Emergency Sickness (defined as an illness or disease diagnosed by a physician which causes a severe or acute symptom that first manifests itself suddenly and unexpectedly while participating in the activity) and Accidental Death Benefits.

The Camps and Clinics Insurance is available to OSU departments and programs that sponsor short-term events/activities involving participants, typically youth, who are generally not affiliated with the University. 

All youth programs must be registered online using the link below. Departments and programs can enroll their youth programs in insurance coverage at the time of registration.

Such camps might include sports camps, music camps, science camps, and robotic camps. Examples of departments or programs that have purchased this coverage include Athletics, PreCollege and SMILE Programs, and STEM Academy.


Camps and Clinics Insurance

The premium is based upon the duration of the event and the number of participants.

This insurance must be requested PRIOR to the event and covers medical expenses if an injury is sustained by a participant in the camp. The participant must be:

  • at a scheduled camp event/activity under the supervision of OSU personnel,
  • on the premises where the camp event/activity is, and during a regular camp event/activity day, or
  • traveling to and from camp/event activities as a member of a group under the supervision of OSU personnel.

To Request Coverage:

For Participants in a Youth Program

All OSU programs and activities involving minors (under age 18) must register with the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance prior to the start date.

Please visit the Youth Program Registration webpage to register your program or activity. As part of the registration, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for Camps and Clinics Insurance.

Please complete your registration here:

For Participants not in a Youth Program

Please send an email to [email protected] or call Insurance and Risk Management Services at (541) 737-1323 with the following information:

  • Department Name
  • Description of event/activity
  • Dates of event/activity
  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Estimated number of participants
  • Index number to be charged

Camps and Clinics Insurance Premium Costs


Youth Program Length

Rate Per Camper:

Day Program

Rate Per Camper:

Overnight Program

Rate Per Camper:

Virtual Day Camp

Up to 2 Weeks




2 - 4 Weeks




4 - 6 Weeks




6 - 8 Weeks




2 Months, but <6 months




6 months, but <1 year




After the Camp or Clinic

Once the event/activity is over, please inform the Insurance and Risk Management Services with the actual number of participants.

Those working in a critical or security-sensitive position as defined by OSU Standard 05-010 Comprehensive Background Checks must have a Criminal History Check conducted prior to commencing in such activities..

PLEASE NOTE: This policy renews annually on January 1. Camps and clinics covered in past year(s) are not automatically renewed. Please register your youth program or contact Insurance and Risk Management Services to ensure/renew coverage for your annual event.