Risk-informed decision making is important at all levels.  To assist with informed decision making that takes risk into consideration, OSU has designed Risk Assessment Tools to assist in the process. A risk assessment includes identifying, analyzing, and evaluating risk. The following Risk Assessment Tools and Resources are provided to help one make appropriate and sound judgments and decisions and encourage decision making at the appropriate level of the institution. 

In addition to these tools and resources, the Division of Finance and Administration (DFA) has developed DFA Risk Appetite Statements, which are an expression of the amount and type of risk that DFA is willing to accept in the pursuit of its objectives.  As one considers decisions, it is important to determine which of the DFA Risk Appetite Statements apply and whether or not the decision fits within the parameters of the DFA Risk Appetite Statements.


View/download the Risk Assessment Tools and Overview of the DFA Risk Appetite Statements (PDF).  This will help put all the concepts together and explain the difference between the three risk assessment tools.

Risk Assessment Questionnaire


View/Download the Risk Assessment Questionnaire (PDF).

View/Download the Risk Assessment Questionnaire (Word).



View/Download the Risk Assessment Form (PDF).




View/Download the Risk Assessment Spreadsheet (EXCEL).



View/Download the Steps to Risk-Informed Decision Making Pocket Card (image).


View/Download training on the DFA Risk Appetite Statements and Risk Assessment Tools (PowerPoint).

View/Download training transcript (PDF).

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