Alcohol service at all University events/activities and University properties is governed by University Standard 07-005 Alcoholic Beverages and MUST be registered with OSU Insurance and Risk Management Services 21 days prior to your event.

Alcohol Service Registration


After submitting your registration, you will receive an email which will serve as your registration confirmation.

Please note the following as you plan your event:

  • State funds CANNOT be used to purchase alcohol.
  • Alcohol service is NOT permitted, NOR will it be approved, during business hours.
  • Alcohol consumption is outside the scope of OSU employment or duties and shall be limited to after work hours and after OSU duties have actually ended.  
  • Auctioning or raffling alcohol is not allowed.


Guidelines for Alcohol Service on OSU Controlled Property

All service of alcohol must be registered through the Insurance and Risk Management Services and subject to the following guidelines:

  • Alcoholic beverages are limited to beer and wine.
  • Request must be submitted via the online web registration form at least 21 days prior to the event.
  • An insured licensed vendor must serve the alcoholic beverages. The licensed vendor must have a current Certificate of Insurance on file that includes liquor liability.
  • At least two different substantial food items** and non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at any event where alcohol is served.

Guidelines for Alcohol at Parking Lots

Tailgating is only allowed prior to scheduled football games.  Individuals wishing to picnic ("tailgate") prior to scheduled OSU varsity football games are subject to the following guidelines:

  • No kegs or other bulk dispensing of alcohol is permitted unless served by an insured licensed vendor.
  • Any organized group of 25 or more people must register the event and have the alcohol served by an insured licensed vendor.
  • Those events which require a licensed vendor may not be served after the close of half-time of the football game.
  • No alcoholic beverages, metal or glass containers, are permitted inside Reser Stadium except in designated areas such as the Skyboxes, Loge, and Club.

Guidelines for Alcohol Use by Students, Student Organizations and Living Groups

Please contact the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards for additional information.

**What is a substantial food item?

This is a food item that is typically served as a main course or entrée. Some examples are fish, steak, chicken, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches. Side dishes, appetizer items, dessert items, and snack items such as popcorn, peanuts, chips and crackers do not qualify as substantial food items.    

What does different mean?

Different means substantial food items that the OLCC determines differ in their primary ingredients or method of preparation. For example, a turkey sandwich differs from a salami sandwich, a beef burger differs from a turkey burger, and fried chicken differs from baked chicken. Different sizes of the same item are not considered different.