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Administrative Policies & Procedures Manuals

Administrative manuals

Capital Planning and Development

Capital Planning and Development supports the mission of Oregon State University through the management of planning, building/infrastructure renewal, and new building investments.

Conference Management Services

Event and meeting management designed to assist members of the OSU community in the development, organization, and delivery of quality conferences, symposia, lectures, workshops, seminars, tours or other similar activities. 

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

Environmental Health and Safety assists departments in maintaining a safe and healthy university environment for staff, faculty, students, and visitors. They provide training, consultation, various safety and health services, and to help ensure Oregon State University abides by the regulatory requirements established at the local, state and federal level.

Emergency Preparedness

The Office of Emergency Preparedness provides emergency procedures, emergency plans, and training events designed to provide a safe campus for students, employees, guests, and affiliates.

Export Control & International Compliance

Assist University researchers, faculty, staff and students navigate export controls and international regulations.

Facilities Services

Facilities Services maintains, operates, plans, and preserves the campus assisting in providing a safe environment on campus.


General University Policies


Policies established by the University that apply to faculty, staff and students at OSU.

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources provides a comprehensive human resources management program for Oregon State University employees located in 40 locations throughout the state.

International Programs

The Division of International Programs seeks to foster, coordinate and advocate for programs and services that have an international dimension. 

Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services provides a comprehensive program that strives to strengthen the campus safety culture by serving to protect employees who are at risk. Services include: medical screening, surveillance, immunizations and health and safety education to faculty, staff and student employees in the course of their employment at OSU.

Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance

The Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance strives to maximize the resources deployed toward the core academic, research, and public service missions of the university by identifying ways to promote efficient and effective processes. The office also seeks to continually improve the productivity of the Oregon State University learning and work environment by promoting compliant and ethical practices that reinforce the university’s core values of accountability, diversity, integrity, respect, and social responsibility.

Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCCM)

Procurement and Contract Services assists, advises and provides oversight to OSU Colleges, Departments and Business Centers in meeting their procurement and contracting needs.

Public Safety

The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to provide a safe campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Oregon State University; to facilitate Oregon State University's educational, research, and community service goals; and to provide these services with the highest standards of professionalism.

Student Events and Activities Center

The Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC) focuses on the support and development of students as programmers, leaders and active community members. 

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides campus-wide comprehensive primary health care, disease prevention and treatment services, and extensive health promotion for all OSU students.