Personal Vehicle Use for University Business

Personal Vehicle Insurance Coverage and Requirements

Employees and students using their own vehicles on official university business are required to carry auto liability insurance with minimum limits as required by the State of Oregon. An employee or student’s insurance coverage is always considered primary, even when it is being used for official university business. This same policy applies to employees using their vehicle only on occasion for business as well as those required to use their personal vehicle as a condition of employment. Passengers injured in any accident would be automatically covered for their injuries by the liability limits on the personal insurance policy.  If the limits are met, there may be secondary coverage through the university.

Some standard auto policies exclude coverage when using your personal vehicle for business use. Please check with your agent or carrier to determine if coverage is automatically provided for business purposes. 

Important Accident Reporting Information

In the event you are involved in an accident in a private or non-owned vehicle (i.e. rented or borrowed) while you are conducting university business and working within the course and scope of your employment duties, report the accident immediately to the Office of Risk Management.

This notice must be received within 24 hours of the accident.