Volunteer Service

A volunteer is a person appointed to perform official university duties without compensation or remuneration.  The university receives the primary benefit from the work performed by the volunteer.  The volunteer works at the request of the university and under direction and control of a university department or program.

Do not unwittingly turn university volunteers into employees.  If anything of value is given to a volunteer because of the duties he or she performs, he or she may become your employee under various laws. The volunteer may then automatically be covered by workers' compensation insurance at the university's or department's expense. This may also present a liability for minimum wage payment, federal withholding, and other costs. Reimbursing actual expenses incurred in a volunteer's service is not remuneration. Contact the Office of Risk Management for questions concerning compensation or remuneration.

University employees may not volunteer to perform duties listed in his or her own job description.  Employees may only volunteer for duties not normally performed in their regular university position.

ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST COMPLETE THE CONDITIONS OF VOLUNTEER SERVICE FORM to be a registered university volunteer.  Doing so not only recognizes the volunteer as an official agent, it allows the university to extend coverage for tort liability (civil liability for injuries or damages to person or property of others) subject to the following general conditions:

  • You are working on an OSU task assigned by an authorized OSU supervisor;
  • You limit your actions to the duties assigned (defined in the assigned duties section below); and
  • You perform your assigned duties in good faith, and do not act in a manner that is reckless or with the intent to unlawfully inflict harm to others.

For more information, contact the Office of Risk Management at (541) 737-7252.