Camps and Clinics


Camps and Clinics Insurance is available to OSU Departments and Programs who sponsor short-term events/activities involving participants who are generally not affiliated with the University.  Such events/activities might include sports camps for minors, 4-H events, trips or tours for adults, and pre-approved student club outings. Examples of departments or programs that have purchased this coverage include KidSpirit, PreCollege and Smile Programs, and OSU Forestry Logging Club.


Camps and Clinics Insurance

The premium is based upon the duration of the event and the number of participants. It is available at a modest cost of approximately $2 per participant and/or spectator.

This insurance must be requested PRIOR to the event and covers medical expenses and sickness to persons registered for and in attendance of the event. The following provisions are required. The attendee must be:

  • at a scheduled camp event/activity under the supervision of OSU personnel,
  • on the premises where the camp event/activity is, and during a regular camp event/activity day,
  • traveling to and from camp/event activities as a member of a group under the supervision of OSU personnel.

Requesting Coverage

Please send an email to risk@oregonstate.edu or call Risk Management at (541) 737-1323 with the following information:

  • Department Name
  • Description of event/activity
  • Dates of event/activity
  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Estimated number of participants and/or spectators
  • Index number to be charged

Events/activities of high risk require special approval and may require additional safety measures prior to the event. PLAN AHEAD to ensure you have met all the necessary requirements.

After the Camp or Clinic

Once the event/activity is over, please inform the Risk Management with the actual number of participants and/or spectators.

Those working in a critical or security-sensitive position as defined by OSU Standard 576-055-0020 must have a Criminal History Check conducted prior to commencing in such activities.


PLEASE NOTE: This policy renews annually on January 1. Camps and clinics covered in past year(s) are not automatically renewed. Contact Risk Management to renew the coverage for your annual event.