Over-the-Side Insurance is available to OSU Departments and Programs that use scientific instruments and equipment in the ocean, on the deck of a research vessel, or placed in water as part of a research expedition. 

Register Here: 


The Subsea/Over the Side Insurance Program describes procedures for registration and filing a claim; the rates and how to calculate the expected premium; information about deductibles; contact information; and the Equpment Wording - Policy Terms.


Prior to registration:
  Risk Management has created a model Risk Assessment for an Over-the-Side Deployment to assist in the identification of sample risks and appropriate risk controls. You may add to, modify, or edit the risk assessment for your own deployment. (click ‘enable content’ to make edits). For additional information on risk assessments, please view/download the Risk Assessment Tool narrative.
Loss or Damage:

Complete the Subsea/Over the Side Claim Form.

Please note claims MUST be submitted to the Underwriter within 14 days, and in no event later than 30 days, after the incident that gave rise to the claim. During the claims process, any requests for information or documents from the Underwriter MUST also be complied with within 14 days or as otherwise agreed in writing.

Over the Side Insurance must be requested and approved PRIOR to the deployment to guarantee coverage.

Any questions can be directed Risk Management at (541) 737-1323.