About Risk Management


As part of Oregon State University's Strategic Plan, OSU Risk Management is committed to the stewardship of the human, fiscal, and physical resources entrusted to OSU.


Protecting our resources to provide the OSU community with;

  • excellent academic programs
  • educational experiences
  • and creative scholarship


The key word in this mission statement is "Protecting." Successfully protecting our resources involves managing risk, which means that we work with the OSU community to identify potential exposures and develop the most effective solutions to protect our resources so that OSU can accomplish its overall mission…providing excellent programs, experiences, and scholarships.


As a service department within Finance and Administration, we provide risk management consultation and resources to the University community. Our goal is to minimize the risk of loss to the University by:

  • Identifying sources of loss
  • Assessing the impact of losses
  • Selecting or recommending risk management solutions
  • Implementing risk management strategies
  • Monitoring risk management solutions for effectiveness